Fixed telephony

Free with your internet subscription

  • Cheap Call rates:
    € 0.025/min to Belgian fixed and €0.09/min to mobile numbers
    € 0.05/min to EU fixed and €0.14/min to mobile numbers
  • No need for a landline subscription anymore
  • Free voicemail, call forwarding, 2nd call, …
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So,what about the rates?

Choose your destination and view the rates.

DestinationPrice peak*Price off-peak*Price weekend*
* Rates per minute - You will be charged per second, after 1st minute.
- Calls to special services numbers have max. determined rates and are blocked by default.
- International call rates can change daily as a result of market fluctuations.
- The rates on this page are always up to date.

FASTfiber Fixed Telephony advantages

  • No subscription fee
  • A fixed landline
  • No setup cost
  • Low calling rates per minute
  • €0,025 per minute to fixed numbers
  • €0,09 per minute to mobile numbers
  • Free calls to other FASTfiber telephony subscribers

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